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Make a Personal Connection with Fine Paper

A great way to make a personal impression is to actually "write" them a letter with an ink pen written on a really nice piece of paper. This retro means of communication can be a more lasting and meaningful way to reach out to a friend or a business connection when you really want them to remember you and what you said.

Your local printer can create some fine stationary or note cards for you at an affordable price. When you do the writing use a blue ink pen. Blue ink has been shown to make a better, more memorable impression. You could add an image or picture of yourself or your home or business as a way to solidify the impression you are trying to create.

The envelope is important too. If you want to be sure your mail will be opened and read you should "hand address" the envelope in blue ink. Use an actual stick-on postage stamp rather than metered mail. The Post Office has a large selection of great stamps at any time. For example right now you can get a Jazz stamp which commemorates American's musical art form, or you can get a stamp which celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Indianapolis Speedway.

I will follow along with more ideas on uses of fine paper for personal communications.