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Print is Effective

Studies show that print on paper not only gets read (a whopping 80% of households read or scan the advertising mail they receive)[1], it also drives both new and repeat business. In fact, 39% of customers tried a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising, while 70% of customers renewed a business relationship because of a direct mail promotion.[2]

Print Provides a High ROI
A Direct Marketing Association study showed that direct mail advertising gives businesses a remarkable 13 to 1 return on their investment (“ROI”). Printed catalogs have been shown to provide a 7 to 1 ROI[3] and an impressive direct order response rate of 2.24% for printed catalogs, as compared to just 0.48% from emails.[4] In fact, a study conducted for the Art Technology Group found that 60% of consumers surveyed make purchases via printed catalogs at least four times each year.[5]

Print Drives Online Sales
Print on paper can be a major driver of online sales. An iProspect study found that 67% of online searches are driven by offline messages, with 39% ultimately making a purchase. Shoppers who receive a direct mail piece directing them to an online site spend on average 13% more than those who do not receive the printed piece. Printed catalogs associated with online sites have been shown to boost online spending by 28%.[6]

The facts cannot be ignored: Print on paper builds brand identification and powers sales. It’s no wonder print media is still the workhorse of successful marketing and advertising campaigns.

Do You Know The Facts?
Raises awareness about the environmental and business benefits of print through facts and statistics from reliable sources.

iProspect Offline Channel Influence
Conducts studies for different brands to integrate their digital initiatives with their offline marketing efforts to boost overall marketing ROI.

Printing Industries of America
Provides resources to show that print is important to brand recognition and the sales process as well as an environmentally and socially responsible industry.

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